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Posted by on Oct 17, 2014 in A Day in the Life | 0 comments

A Weekend in Seattle

E and I have officially decided we’re trading in birthday gifts for birthday trips. So last weekend we packed our bags, dropped the little lady off with her aunt and uncle and headed to the airport for 3 kid free days of sleeping in, leisurely strolling the city streets, and eating warm meals without playing defense to flying crayons, meltdowns, and food tornadoes.  Don’t get me wrong I love the chaos of our daily life but a quite break was desperately need and some quality couple time was such a treat!

^^^I felt it was fitting to start our trip off to Seattle with a Starbucks coffee for the plane ride (decaf of course, which pains me but with baby onboard it’s better than nothing).  However, after the craziness of trying to pack, get everyone a schedule, and dealing with the guilt of leaving a 13 month old home while we were away I could of used a triple everything and a side of bloody mary!^^^

It wouldn’t be a trip to Seattle without a stop at Pike’s Place Market.  E actually ended up booking us a room at the Moore Hotel, I’ll admit I was skeptical about staying there as the reviews were either stellar or not so flattering and the hotel has both private rooms and rooms at a lower rate with a shared common bathroom.  Being 5 months prego my own bathroom was a non-negotiable, so we opted for the private room and it was great; clean, super convenient (2 blocks from the market), and the staff was really nice.

I know it’s beyond touristy of me to say that I love Pike’s Place Market but I really do love it, the flowers alone are enough for a daily stroll through it And the fruits and veggie displays make me want to eat only apples and salads for the rest of my like, I mean really how amazing does everything look?

^^^The amazing La Panier french bakery is also located in the market, the line is usually long but totally worth the wait^^^

On Friday night we headed to the Mariners game because if you know E, if there is a professional sporting event going on while we’re on vacation I guarantee we’ll be at it!  I’ve grown to love this about him, there is something magical about baseball stadiums and while I admittedly spend most of my time people watching over actually watching the game I love the whole experience.

On Saturday morning we walked to the Space Needle as E had never been to Seattle and felt like it was something he should do.  Along the way we stopped at Dahlia Bakery, which again was AMAZING!  This cute little spot was recommended in almost all of the bloggers on their Seattle City Guides, and it did not disappoint!  It’s a miracle I didn’t gain 50lbs on this trip!

Well here it is, the Space Needle. Funny that we walked all the way there but didn’t actually go up it.  I was just fine with it though as we strolled around the grounds and sat on the lawn for a bit, which any parent of a toddler knows is a gift.  To have the afternoon to leisurely walk through the city was so much fun.

A ferry ride to Bainbridge Island was next on the list and I would totally recommend an afternoon trip over to the island for anyone visiting Seattle.  It’s a 30 minute ferry ride with amazing views of the city and the town has the feel of a little east coast harbor village.  Main street on Bainbridge is pretty short but packed full of shops, cafes, and restaurants.  

^^^E and I found a place for lunch that wasn’t amazing food but had an incredible view of the harbor that made up for it.^^^

^^^Ice cream is hands down my favorite food, and Mora’s did not disappoint!  I would almost go as far as saying Mora’s alone is worth the ferry trip, it’s really that good!^^^

^^^The view of the island as we rode the ferry home at sunset.^^^

^^^This photo doesn’t even come close to doing the view of Seattle’s skyline from the boat justice^^^

That night we returned to Seattle and had some of the best gnocchi I’ve ever had at Trovolata.  Unfortunately, E and I had ate so much we could barely put a dent in our food but it really was amazing and the atmosphere was spot on.  Located in Belltown, which was my favorite part of town in Seattle I would highly recommend Trovolata and of course the gnocchi for dinner.

^^^With an early evening flight on Sunday we spent the day checking off a few more of the toursity things that we had on our list and of course hit up Top Pots for their famous doughnuts and coffee.^^^

^^^A stroll through the SAM^^^

^^^And of course a photo-op at the gum wall^^^

All in all it was such a great trip, and Seattle as stolen my heart once again!  There really is something special about that place and our weekend adventure made E and I both realize that we need to take a little time to ourselves more oftern.  So here’s to the next adventure.





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