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A Weekend in Seattle

A Weekend in Seattle

E and I have officially decided we’re trading in birthday gifts for birthday trips. So last weekend we packed our bags, dropped the little lady off with her aunt and uncle and headed to the airport for 3 kid free days of sleeping in, leisurely strolling the city streets, and eating warm meals without playing defense to flying crayons, meltdowns, and food tornadoes.  Don’t get me wrong I love the chaos of our daily life but a quite break was desperately need and some quality couple time was such a treat!

^^^I felt it was fitting to start our trip off to Seattle with a Starbucks coffee for the plane ride (decaf of course, which pains me but with baby onboard it’s better than nothing).  However, after the craziness of trying to pack, get everyone a schedule, and dealing with the guilt of leaving a 13 month old home while we were away I could of used a triple everything and a side of bloody mary!^^^

It wouldn’t be a trip to Seattle without a stop at Pike’s Place Market.  E actually ended up booking us a room at the Moore Hotel, I’ll admit I was skeptical about staying there as the reviews were either stellar or not so flattering and the hotel has both private rooms and rooms at a lower rate with a shared common bathroom.  Being 5 months prego my own bathroom was a non-negotiable, so we opted for the private room and it was great; clean, super convenient (2 blocks from the market), and the staff was really nice.

I know it’s beyond touristy of me to say that I love Pike’s Place Market but I really do love it, the flowers alone are enough for a daily stroll through it And the fruits and veggie displays make me want to eat only apples and salads for the rest of my like, I mean really how amazing does everything look?

^^^The amazing La Panier french bakery is also located in the market, the line is usually long but totally worth the wait^^^

On Friday night we headed to the Mariners game because if you know E, if there is a professional sporting event going on while we’re on vacation I guarantee we’ll be at it!  I’ve grown to love this about him, there is something magical about baseball stadiums and while I admittedly spend most of my time people watching over actually watching the game I love the whole experience.

On Saturday morning we walked to the Space Needle as E had never been to Seattle and felt like it was something he should do.  Along the way we stopped at Dahlia Bakery, which again was AMAZING!  This cute little spot was recommended in almost all of the bloggers on their Seattle City Guides, and it did not disappoint!  It’s a miracle I didn’t gain 50lbs on this trip!

Well here it is, the Space Needle. Funny that we walked all the way there but didn’t actually go up it.  I was just fine with it though as we strolled around the grounds and sat on the lawn for a bit, which any parent of a toddler knows is a gift.  To have the afternoon to leisurely walk through the city was so much fun.

A ferry ride to Bainbridge Island was next on the list and I would totally recommend an afternoon trip over to the island for anyone visiting Seattle.  It’s a 30 minute ferry ride with amazing views of the city and the town has the feel of a little east coast harbor village.  Main street on Bainbridge is pretty short but packed full of shops, cafes, and restaurants.  

^^^E and I found a place for lunch that wasn’t amazing food but had an incredible view of the harbor that made up for it.^^^

^^^Ice cream is hands down my favorite food, and Mora’s did not disappoint!  I would almost go as far as saying Mora’s alone is worth the ferry trip, it’s really that good!^^^

^^^The view of the island as we rode the ferry home at sunset.^^^

^^^This photo doesn’t even come close to doing the view of Seattle’s skyline from the boat justice^^^

That night we returned to Seattle and had some of the best gnocchi I’ve ever had at Trovolata.  Unfortunately, E and I had ate so much we could barely put a dent in our food but it really was amazing and the atmosphere was spot on.  Located in Belltown, which was my favorite part of town in Seattle I would highly recommend Trovolata and of course the gnocchi for dinner.

^^^With an early evening flight on Sunday we spent the day checking off a few more of the toursity things that we had on our list and of course hit up Top Pots for their famous doughnuts and coffee.^^^

^^^A stroll through the SAM^^^

^^^And of course a photo-op at the gum wall^^^

All in all it was such a great trip, and Seattle as stolen my heart once again!  There really is something special about that place and our weekend adventure made E and I both realize that we need to take a little time to ourselves more oftern.  So here’s to the next adventure.





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CharlieRo Growing Up

CharlieRo Growing Up

This sweet thing is about to turn 1 in less than a week and as we approach this mile stone I’m filled with mixed emotions. On one hand I can’t believe we made it! We didn’t burn the house down, Bozley never missed a meal, we survived nights of 3 hours of sleep, my boobs finally stopped leaking like the Niagra Falls and we all still love each other! Hallelujah, we survived, have all of our limbs, smiles on our face, and still want to hangout together!

Because let’s be honest there were times this year when Charlie turning one felt like a lifetime away! But on the other hand my little bug is growing up so fast! The snuggling for hours has turned into tornado spins and 20 second snugs when I’m lucky. The learning to sit up, rolling over, first smiles, first laughs, starting to crawl, and standing and climbing for the fist time, those moments have passed. That sweet little baby we brought home from the hospital is turning into a little person. A real life person. Her little personality is starting to show, she’s fiercely determined, adventurous like her father, and sweet and gentle. She adores her furry brother Bozley and I’m pretty convinced she thinks she’s a dog or he’s a human.

Only 5 days away I find myself avoiding this event. Which feels like some sort of life milestone. Typically I would jump at the chance to plan a party, design invites, gather the troops up, and have a hell of a time, with each and every detail thought out. But here we are 5 days out and I’ve barely sent a text out inviting a small, intimate group of friends and family to a beach party. No theme, no pretty details, no fancy invitations, just a celebration of this amazing little human doing exactly what I believe she would want to be doing on her birthday. Playing in the dirt and swimming in the water.

I hope she doesn’t resent me one day for not going all out on her first birthday but in a weird, unexplainable way a small gathering at the beach with the people she knows and loves just seems right. It almost feels like I somehow know this is what she wants, because after all she is one and when you’re one dirt, sand, and water trump fancy garland and place settings!

So I’m pushing my guilt aside for not decorating the hell out of this and I’m approaching Saturday with so much joy and gratitude, and a few tears that my sweet baby girl, Charlie Rowan is on her way to toddler hood!

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Vote Because You Can

Vote Because You Can

I don’t know what it is about election day but there is something about walking into your voting location and exercising your right to vote that feels amazing!

As a young working women I take my right to vote seriously, many women before us fought hard for our voices to be heard and I believe it’s our duty as the women of America, no matter who you vote for, that we get out and vote!

Vote. Get a sticker. Join the club. You owe it to yourself and your country!

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It’s a Family Thing

It’s a Family Thing

Finally getting around to posting about one of my favorite places on earth, Lake George, NY.

I love this place and although the noise has quitted and the coming and going of friends and family has slowed since the passing of my grandpa and the growing older of my amazing grandma, this place will always hold a special kind of magic for me.

As a kid we spent the summer packed into my grandparents 2 bedroom house, with every couch, foldout bed, and cozy spot on the floor filled each night. I learned about my relatives through stories and laughter as we gathered round the tiny kitchen table, and as the stories were told the room grew more and more crowded with the dropping in of old friends, and the passing by of relatives.

We spent our days at the lake, walking home to eat lunch, and then back to the beach before “cocktails”and yes, this is where I learned what a “cocktail” was and that no they did NOT taste like apple juice!

In short I got to be a kid all summer long, and for a few months of the year I was able to be part of this huge beautiful family that was filled with so much life and love even though we lived a million miles away.

So this summer Ma and I left a week before the rest of the family so we could soak up all my favorite Lake George gems!

Here’s a little glimpse into our trip…

First stop: Christy’s Soft Serve ice cream, 50/50 twist with chocolate jimmy’s on top…what I wouldn’t do for one of those right this second!


Next up, morning runs through the back roads of the Village, up the brutal Gage Hill, and finally onto the bike path! How can you not love pounding the payment here?! It’s the best, I could run for days.

Scratch lotto tickets…no brainer, I’ll take 10!

Corn Toasties, perfectly scored with butter. If you haven’t had one you won’t know until you know!

Arcades and ski-ball, meant hording my tickets all summer for whoopy-cushions and Chinese finger traps of course. I have to admit though my mother does kick everyone’s ass in ski-ball…it’s that inner bowling nerd in her!

This crazy ass jade plant was a tiny little plant that use to sit on the front porch when I was a kid. I have the pictures to prove it!  The sentimental sucker inside me took some clippings and packed them in my bag when I left. I can happily report they are still alive and thriving right next to the jade plants from our wedding. There is something about having a piece of that plant that has seen it all in that little yellow house on Ottowa street that I love!

It wouldn’t be a Lake George trip without Thursday night fireworks! There happened to be a thunderstorm rolling in when we were there which made for some pretty rad images per the lake.

Dinner at Nancy and George’s, filled with life lessons, amazing food, lots of laughs, and an incredible view!

Then it was off to the reunion!

My favorite part of the trip, if I have mentioned I’m obsessed with family, I love the stories, I love the hugs, I really do love it all!

First up my amazing grandma! It’s no secret my grandma and I weren’t the closest growing up. She was always the stern one that told me to cut my hair and stop changing my close 5 times a day (see I’ve had this clothes problem since a very young age) and my grandpa was my hero, I adored him! But as I’ve gotten older and as I watched how close Ian is with his adorable grandparents I realized somewhere along the way just how lucky I was to have this amazingly strong, independent, fiercely stubborn (for anyone who wonders where i get it) women in my life. Over the past few years I have discovered a whole new wonderful relationship with my grandma and I have learned so much about strength, will, and love from her. My only regret is I wish I would have done it sooner because as I’ve come to realize she was and is the backbone in so many ways of this family I adore.

The fam, minus E plus cousin Steven.

Me and Pops! Yes, we have to wear name tags and yea, I did get shit for putting “Scrafford” on the tags followed by the ever present comment in my life: “all you have to do is take one look at you to know who you belong to.”


My sweet Uncle Bob, at least that’s how I describe him! Always hustling my pops to get me a sweet new ride! Come to think of it I might get a little of my stubbornness from him as well.

Grandma and Aunt Irene, 2 of the 11 siblings. See why we have to wear name tags!

Love, love, love my Aunt Jeanie! I swear any fashion sense I inherited from this side of the family came from her! Her and my Uncle Tom are amazing, enough said!

Park and grandma. Best comment of the night happened here, it went a little something like this:

Ryann walks up to the table.
Grandma to Ryann: “have you met my grandson Parker?”
Park and Ryann: blank stare at each other.
Long pause

Grandma: “I’m being funny”


Pops, Grandma, and my cute aunt Chris.

Pops and Park, there is no way anyone could ever claim adoption in this fam, dead ringer!

This place is heaven….

Martha’s, if you haven’t experienced it I might be so bold to say that you truly have not lived yet.  It’s that good!

I mean seriously look at those cones! What I wouldn’t do for an orange cream twist…..

Lastly a quick trip to Keen Vally to visit Uncle Chuck an Aunt Carol.

A crowded kitchen just the way I like it! And of course there were cocktails…


And oh yes let us not forget this amazing gem I found along the way….


So like I said in the beginning, this place has lost its hustle and bustle, and it’s definitely grown quieter but no matter what I will always love being here. It’s a little piece of heaven and a huge piece of my childhood tucked away up in the Adirondack mountains in a little town called Lake George.

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Love Your Mama

Love Your Mama

This lady is pretty much amazing! Happy Mothers Day to my amazing Mom, who is my best friend & the most inspiring women I know. A child should be so lucky to have a mother like mine. Who taught us to love life, face it dead on, and try our best to do it with grace, kindness, & a whole lotta laughter!!

Thank you for being you!


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