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Posted by on Mar 16, 2013 in Extra Curricular Activities | 0 comments

it’s a Baby Dane Baby Shower

it’s a Baby Dane Baby Shower

I cant believe how fast little Mrs. Abbie Jensen’s baby shower came, it seems like just yesterday she was telling me she was prego with that little video of the heartbeat! Can’t believe it’s just 5 short weeks until we get to meet this little guy! Today we celebrated his arrival with a little prenatal yoga shower for momma and baby.

Since we started the afternoon off with yoga we wanted to keep lunch light so we opted for a menu of tea sandwiches, smoothies, and desserts of course!

This is my moms famous (I call it famous because its the only chicken salad ill eat) Cashew Chicken Salad sandwiches. Abbie and I always joke that I only like cute food. Which is true I would sacrifice taste over cute any day! So thank God my mother is an amazing cook and always pulls through with making sure everything tastes amazing! I love that lady!

Being prego myself I have been craving BLTs and tomatoes like whoa, and lets be honest who doesn’t love a great BLT?! Having to make these in advance we were a little worried about the whole toast not getting soggy thing. That’s when Ma broke out the brilliant idea for these BLT poppers! They were banging, just like a BLT, minus those pesky toast calories, and for an added bonus…they’re cute!

Lastly we had a more traditional tea sandwich with cucumber, carrots, mint, and ginger. These offered a lighter option which is always nice!

It was so fun to see all of these lovely ladies and catch up. It’s funny how much harder it gets to make time to get together as we get older but days like these make you remember why we all became friends to start with!

Lets not forget dessert!! Not being any sort of baker I’ve finally figured it out…get it catered! Done and done!! I could not of asked for better desserts! Hilary over at Rue de Lis Desserts did an amazing job! Not only did everything look great but they tasted amazing! Thankfully everything got eaten or I would officially put this baby in a sugar comma!

I love these 2 ladies and was so glad we were able to celebrate little Dane! Overall it was a great afternoon filled some amazing women. Thank you to everyone for coming and a HUGE thanks to Andrea and my mom for all of their help, ideas, talents and laughs while we pulled this day together!

P.S. I can’t believe I don’t have a yoga picture of us all! Who forgets to take that at a yoga shower?! At least I got these cute water bottles that Mrs. Andrea created for our yoga session!

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Posted by on Dec 30, 2012 in Extra Curricular Activities | 0 comments

Date Night with Mussels

Date Night with Mussels

E and I have a long standing tradition of skipping dinner dates and opting for wine and app dates. It one of my favorite things that we do. There is something about sharing small plates that creates conversation and lets you enjoy each other rather than focusing on finishing the dinner in front of you.
Market Street Oyster Bar is one of our favorite places to do this. With a great wine selection and mussels and clams on the menu, how can you go wrong?! It’s a good thing my husband is form Maine and might possibly love seafood more than I do, which makes it easy as this is one of my all time favorite apps!

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Posted by on Sep 17, 2012 in Extra Curricular Activities | 1 comment

Vermont Wedding Weekend Roundup

Vermont Wedding Weekend Roundup

Finally getting around to posting pictures from John & Sommer’s amazing wedding in Vermont. E and I had such a great time from walking around Burlington, to wiffle ball tournaments, drinking, dancing, and some serious good times with a great group of people!

Here are just a few of my favorites from the trip:

Party on the beach, don’t mind if we do!

Chi & Chelsea doin what they do
If this barn could tell stories there would be some serious stories to tell!

Keeping it classy, and possibly the only 2 people at the wedding not rocking Oakley’s…ain’t no party like an Oakley party!




If this barn could talk there would be some serious storytelling filled with inside out dresses, amazing dance moves, beats worth talking about, and a mud dive or two!

A tornado warning followed by a rainbow, I’m not sure how much more luck a couple could ask for on their wedding day. If you ask me it was meant to be!


Chelsea just being Chelsea!

Lots of love to John and Sommer and a huge thanks for letting us be a part of such an amazing weekend of great friends, food, music, laughs, and love!

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Vermont Vaca

Vermont Vaca

If I haven’t mentioned it the red-eye is my least favorite way to travel but as my luck goes E LOVES them & swears by them being the only and best flight to take. I on the other hand need anything I can get just to make it to our destination without being a zombie!



One more flight to go! At least there’s Dunkins!

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