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Mission Front Porch: Done & Done

Mission Front Porch: Done & Done

So if you know me you know one of my absolute favorite activities is people watching, I could literally do it for hours. The way people move about life facinates me and what better place to people watch than your own front porch?! One small problem, Little Blue (the name we have lovingly coined our house due to the fabulous color the previous owner painted it weeks before we moved into her) had a stoop at best. Not even a good city stoop with city noise and trash surrounding it but one of those lame barely fit me, Ian, and definitely not Bozley on it kind of stoops. So since my longing for sitting on the porch with a cup of coffee or glass of wine wasn’t going to die anytime soon Mission Front Porch was born. As all of our plans go…we didn’t really have a plan, we simply decided to transplant the hedge and give it a go. A lot of lumber, some cold nights, and a few weekends later I have the perfect front porch thanks to a pretty amazing husband!

The before picture was taken after coming home from breakfast on a Saturday morning and deciding to move the hedge from the front of the house to the edge of the driveway. Being a much bigger project than anticipated the hole in front of the house with the weird floating hedge stayed like that for about a week…and yes, it was ugly and yes our neighbors think we’re crazy.

Mission Porch spilled into Halloween so we embraced the holiday like any American would and dressed Bozley up in his cow costume and proceeded to run the chainsaw all night. Again, pretty sure our neighbors think we’re insane or redneck or one of the two, but I’m okay with it.

Since we also decided to start this project after daylight saving we were pretty much screwed into working at night.

We decided on a galvanized roof after our original metal roof plan failed miserably. We wanted a black metal roof which we custom ordered putting Mission Porch on hold for a solid two weeks only to discover when the roofing came in the underside was white. Who wants to sit on a porch look up and see a white roof? I mean if the house was staying Caribbean blue it might of been acceptable, but since it’s not the black roofing was returned and the galvanized metal was chosen.


I have to admit I’m pretty hyped on how the roof came out. I love the combination of wood and metal and think it has a pretty cool rustic/modern feel to it. I can’t wait to sit under it on a rainy day!


The final product stained and ready for some front porch sitting!


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The Big Easy Baby!

The Big Easy Baby!

E and I spent this past weekend in NOLA (New Orleans…because lets be honest before this weekend I had no idea what NOLA stood for…yea I’ll admit it) celebrating two amazing friends tie the knot! The weekend was filled with great people, lots of laughter, a beverage or ten, and a few helpings of fried food. Big thanks and lots o’ love to the Twiggs for sharing such a great weekend with us…now it’s off to gym and a solid week of fruits and vegetables (none of which will be fried)!

SLC to Houston to New Orleans Baby!

Christmas Parade down Canal Street…filled with beads, booze, and a boob or two!

Apparently this is called “on the job”!

A lill Bourbon Street in our lives!

There were sites to see, beverages to drink….

And a wedding to celebrate…I can’t believe I don’t have a picture of Mel (she looked amazing)!

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Bleach Dye is My New Black

Bleach Dye is My New Black

A fresh new pair of yoga pants and a sweet new shirt in just a few hours…don’t mind if I do!

This weekend was my first go at bleach dying and now as usual when I do something that comes out way better than I anticipated I’m completely obsessed.

I purchased a pair of black yoga leggings and a basic black shirt (neither of these were 100% cotton but I would recommend getting a blend as close to 100% cotton as you can). Also, be careful not to leave the items in the bleach for to long as it will start to eat away at the material. Needless to say I learned this the hard way with the first pair of leggings. I was a little too determined to have them be a cream and white tie-die and left them in the bleach a little to long. When they dried completely I had a handful of not so attractive wholes throughout them.

I combined 1 cup bleach with 4 cups water and left each item in the mix for under 30 seconds. I hung the shirt until it was completely dry (the bleach will continue to die the fabric as it dries). The legging I hung for a about 2 hours before washing them on cold. I was a little over cautious after the first attempt.

Here is a look at how they came out. I love the shirt but forgot to take a picture of it on and I rocked the leggings to yoga tonight and get this I had 3 girls in my class tell me they loved them and asked me where I bought them, so exciting!

I know it’s not for everyone but right now I’m kind of loving ‘em!

Above was the first go on the leggings you can see how much lighter they are then the second time around.




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