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It’s All in the Details

It’s All in the Details

It’s taking me forever to get around to posting all of our wedding pictures but I’m making a commitment to posting once a week this year so fingers-crossed I’ll have them all up before our anniversary! I know it’s the same for everyone as they look back on their wedding day but I seriously could not have asked for a better day/weekend. E and I did most everything on our own with the help of our family, which at the time made for some seriously long nights and craft packed weekends, but when I look back I am so so so glad we did everything just how we wanted to. As the saying goes…”it’s all in the details”

I’ve already posted a handful of our DIY wedding projects so this is just a few shots once we got to Steamboat. Kind of a little recap of the few days before and then a look at how they all turned out! Enjoy!

Oh and always huge props to this kick as lady, Heather, for capturing it all once it finally came together!

I did the chalkboard signs 2 days before our guests showed up and thank god we were blessed with sunny skies!

Now on to the legit photos!

Seating & Centerpieces:

For the isle we went out to Steamboat about 2 months before the wedding and lined our ceremony pathway with fallen Aspens. Four days before the wedding E mowed the grass for our isle. We hung string lanterns (previous post here) and lined the path with metal tubs filled with our favorite beers. We also had a few hand-painted signs along the path (but I’m not sure anyone besides me saw those)!

E and I were pretty adamant about not having a buffet at our wedding, but we also new we didn’t want a formal sit down wedding for the laid back affair. Early on in our dating we also discovered that we were big small plate lots of wine kind of people! A family style dinner was our dream and so us. However, the process getting there was much harder than I ever imagined. I had caterer after caterer tell me it wasn’t possible and that if it was it would be way out of my budget. Than JC (you know who I’m talking about) sent me Billy from Steamboat Meat & Seafood (long story but my parents actually use to work for him way back before I was ever born) he was seriously the BEST! Not only did he tell me it was possible but worked with my budget and the food was AMAZING and the presentation was even better! Check it out for yourself:

I posted about the awesome bar E made for our wedding out of an old receptionist desk (check it out here). An awesome bar requires some great bar glasses. I was super stoked to find these online for $1 a piece (Pottery Barn sells the same ones for $4). I love them and they have affectionately become our everyday glasses.

Oddly enough E and I both have “family drinks”, funny how that happens. His is the award winning “Castini” that his father so famously created and mine is the “Stabutic” which was created by Bill Shorter (if you haven’t met him, meet him. He’s pretty much amazing and a huge part of my life) and is a staple among my parents friends (those types of friends that are as close as family).

Neither of us are big cake people, and lets be honest I would pretty much throw small sharp objects at E if he jammed cake in my face. We decided on pie. E loves pie, and I’m not picky with desserts, and besides I LOVE mason jars so any excuse to use them I am all for. This project was daunting and awesome (previously posted here) all at the same time. We used recipes from E’s mother ad grandmother along with my mom’s. The pies could not of been a bigger hit! My dear friend Ashley’s husband went as far as dropping to one knee in front of my mother to “purpose to whoever made the blueberry pies” I think that’s all the explanation these needs!

So if I haven’t previously mentioned it my brother pretty much kills it! Not only did he marry us but also gave us the raddest wedding present ever!

E and I went back and forth on what we wanted to do for a guest book. I allways tend to be less traditional and E knows himself well enough to know that he would never open an album and read through it again. We needed something that fit with who we were as a couple and was also a representation of our friends and this incredible weekend. I came up with the idea of a bench that all of our guest could sign and after the wedding would live next to our garden (E loves the garden, and I’m getting better at not killing anything in it). The bench idea also had a great rustic feel that tied in with our wedding.

From there I asked my brother if he would be in charge of making it happen. If you don’t know Park, let me fill you in. He convinced me to build a boat. If you’ve ever built a boat you know how much attention to detail you need. Park has as much attention to detail as I have words…which is ALOT! I could of never imagine a bench like the one he made, it is AMAZING! All of the wood was reclaimed that he found out hiking with his dog (Mr. C) here in Utah. Our guest burned there wedding messages and signatures into the wood (again Park’s idea, I was just going to throw a marker out there and call it good)! Take a look for yourself, I think it kicks ass!

Here is what it looks like at home in Little Blue’s backyard:

Cocktail Hour Lawn Games

Our friends are all for a good lawn game and we knew we wanted our guest to have something other than drinking to do during our cocktail hour. Lawn Games were the perfect answer. It was awesome to come up from taking photos to see our entire wedding interacting, laughing, and there was a whole lot of cheering and heckling going on. We also lit the game areas so that guests could play into the night (in retrospect horseshoes might not be the safest “night” game)!

The idea of getting married at my parents house in Steamboat came from the fact that E and I both new we didn’t want a set end time to our night. There would be no send off, there would be no wedding planner rushing us out the door, or venue turning the lights out on us. We decided that late night guests would might need a little warmth in the CO mountains and a little food as the evening rolled on. Check it out:

One of my absolute favorite details from the wedding was our vintage umbrella canopy that was strung with cafe lights. I LOVED it…and it was so close to not happening! I’ve known E was the man I wanted to marry for a long time but he definitely sealed the deal on our wedding morning when the winds came whipping through and almost collapsed the structure we had built earlier in the week to hold them. And that was after the weight of the umbrellas almost took the entire thing down. Both my brother and dad were gently trying to tell me that the umbrellas might not happen when I gave E a panic phone call demanding that he come up to the house to help. Next thing I new the umbrellas were up and the lights were on! What a MAN!

And then there were these guys who pretty much stole the show! How can you not love them with their bad ass ties and swagger! Big props to mom for making these each in the perfect size!

As Bozley would say: “Thanks to everyone for helping us tie-one on!”


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Bachloring & Boating Wedding Style

Bachloring & Boating Wedding Style

So it’s been 3 months since Ian and I tied the knot and since it’s officially over half the time we had to plan the wedding I figured it’s probably time I get around to posting some pictures! Needless to say it was truly an amazing weekend filled with so much love & laughter. Huge thanks to all of our amazing friends and family that made the trip to Steamboat and our wedding better than Ian and I could of possibly imagined! Also, a big shout out to our friend and amazing photographer Heather Nan for capturing so many of our favorite moments!

So here’s a little taste of how the weekend got started…

First up the bachlor/bachlorette in Steamboat Springs:

Thanks to everyone involved I officially vomited in the driveway for the first time since Freshmen year….Ian per usual feel asleep before leaving the bar!

Next Up: A Serious Day of Hungover Boating at Stagecoach Reservoir! (for those of you who don’t know what a reservoir is ask the Philly kids)

Stagecoach Co…..there’s something special about this place…just enough red neck to get you into trouble!

If you get a chance ask Ian, Kevin, and Kathy about their paddle boat adventure or Seth about how much gas was really left in the party boat.

Gotta love Isaac and the creeper pose…wouldn’t be the same without one of those!

Nick pretty much sums it up right there…a rad day with rad friends!

That’s all I’ve got for now, but there’s plenty more coming! Too many good memories to pass up!

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Sometimes They Just Don’t Have What I Want

Sometimes They Just Don’t Have What I Want

Napkins, oh napkins, oh napkins!

I cam across these picks from the wedding project days and wanted to share before I totally spaced it, as I tend to do!

The whole napkin project started when I decided I wanted Anthropologie looking napkins, in all different patterns and colors for the wedding, which was followed by my mothers response “we could always just make them”….and it was on! 90 napkins later, my amazing mother had created exactly what I envisioned and made the tables look A-MAZING! Funny how each one ended up reminding me of one of our guest…

This one 100% without a doubt reminded me of my MOH Abbie so these were at her table.

These were my favorite so of course they went on our table!

This one was for the Philly/singles table…the zebra print was so fitting in so many ways!



This one had to go to Marianne’s table and her love for hearts!

You’d have to ask my mom but I’d say it was definitely worth it!

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From Files to Bevs

From Files to Bevs

I’ve failed to post an updated photo of our infamous receptionist bar, that you may remember from this post: In case you forgot I posted a refresher pic below of what this thing looked like when Ian showed up with it in our driveway…

For as skeptical as I was I have to give Ian some serious credit on this one! It turned out amazing and was perfect for the wedding!

It’s now found a home in our backyard so feel free to stop by for a bev if you’re ever in the neighborhood!

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I Like It Gold

I Like It Gold

E proposed with the most perfect ring I could of ever imagined…1940′s antique, miner cut diamond, inset…love her!

Icing on the cake 1940′s rings weren’t designed for wedding bands…this lucky girl gets a 2nd amazing ring!

The send one hold a special place in my heart as it was my amazing mother’s mom’s! It was so tarnished ma and I were convinced the diamonds were lost! Amazingly when the jeweler cleaned and sized the ring all diamonds were there in their sparkling glory!

Love them both and can’t wait to wear them!



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