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Posted by on Aug 14, 2013 in Family | 0 comments

Charlie Rowan | First Weeks

A quick little brain dump of all of the amazing things (and a few not so amazing) that have happened during the first 2 and a half weeks….

Charlie is opening her eyes more and more. I love this precious time with her when she stares at things with such intent. I wish I knew what she was thinking during these little moments.

She makes the most hilarious face I’ve ever seen! Her little furrowed brow and old man face kill me! And she’s definitely a tongue sticker-outer so boys be ware!!


We had our first projectile poop! Didn’t even know that was possible! Ask Ian for the full story! I’ll spare you a photo of that!

We ventured to our first Bee’s game and she did great! Sang our first Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Charlie started moving her head from side to side and grasping on to shirts, hair, and even attempting to figure out how to keep her binki in her mouth!

Charlie got her first baths…some were a success, some not so much!! Once she could be fully submerged she enjoyed them way more! She also peed or pooped through every towel we’ve put her in!


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