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Posted by on Aug 13, 2013 in Family | 0 comments

Charlie Rowan | Welcome to the World

People tell you that your world will change when this little babe you’ve been carrying around for the past 9 months decides to make an appearance but I don’t think you can truly understand what that means until the instant that little one enters the world. Yes, everything changes but in this unbelievable I would do anything for this tiny being kind of way. You re-evaluate everything you thought you knew about life and instantly they are the center of your world.

I find it hard to think of anything or one else that could waltz in and completely disrupt your life, a life you’ve spent years to find balance in, a good routine, and one you’ve filled with people you love, and not resent that source of disturbance. Yet, somehow there’s not a single once of resent. As cliche as it is I would give up anything for this little babe from the second I met her.

It’s that unconditional parent/child kind of love that total rocks your world and changes it in ways you never knew possible.

So 5 days after your due date, 27 hours labor, 16 of those being natural labor, we welcomed little Charlie Rowan Foster into this little world of ours and our lives instantly changed but filled with more love than I could of ever imagined.




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