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Posted by on Jul 21, 2014 in A Day in the Life | 0 comments

CharlieRo Growing Up

This sweet thing is about to turn 1 in less than a week and as we approach this mile stone I’m filled with mixed emotions. On one hand I can’t believe we made it! We didn’t burn the house down, Bozley never missed a meal, we survived nights of 3 hours of sleep, my boobs finally stopped leaking like the Niagra Falls and we all still love each other! Hallelujah, we survived, have all of our limbs, smiles on our face, and still want to hangout together!

Because let’s be honest there were times this year when Charlie turning one felt like a lifetime away! But on the other hand my little bug is growing up so fast! The snuggling for hours has turned into tornado spins and 20 second snugs when I’m lucky. The learning to sit up, rolling over, first smiles, first laughs, starting to crawl, and standing and climbing for the fist time, those moments have passed. That sweet little baby we brought home from the hospital is turning into a little person. A real life person. Her little personality is starting to show, she’s fiercely determined, adventurous like her father, and sweet and gentle. She adores her furry brother Bozley and I’m pretty convinced she thinks she’s a dog or he’s a human.

Only 5 days away I find myself avoiding this event. Which feels like some sort of life milestone. Typically I would jump at the chance to plan a party, design invites, gather the troops up, and have a hell of a time, with each and every detail thought out. But here we are 5 days out and I’ve barely sent a text out inviting a small, intimate group of friends and family to a beach party. No theme, no pretty details, no fancy invitations, just a celebration of this amazing little human doing exactly what I believe she would want to be doing on her birthday. Playing in the dirt and swimming in the water.

I hope she doesn’t resent me one day for not going all out on her first birthday but in a weird, unexplainable way a small gathering at the beach with the people she knows and loves just seems right. It almost feels like I somehow know this is what she wants, because after all she is one and when you’re one dirt, sand, and water trump fancy garland and place settings!

So I’m pushing my guilt aside for not decorating the hell out of this and I’m approaching Saturday with so much joy and gratitude, and a few tears that my sweet baby girl, Charlie Rowan is on her way to toddler hood!

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